Our Mission

In today’s society it can no longer be assumed that our homes and communities are the secure and safe havens they once were. Tragically, in the United States today, a crime occurs every 15 seconds. Rape, one of the most heinous crimes, happens once every 5 minutes. This is why you should look to P.S. Products Inc. for the best non-lethal personal security items.

We specialize exclusively in the designing, manufacturing and distribution of Eliminator and private label pepper spray, Zap stun devices, Bull’s Eye gun cleaning kits and unique Peace Keeper handgun concealment products. We provide only the very best in quality and service at competitive prices and have been doing so since 1992.

P.S. Products Inc. has been in business since 1992 and holds 32 patents and several patents pending as of December 2014. We have many unique one of a kind products and some soon to be released. P.S. Products Inc. has found imitations of some of our patented Zap Stun Devices throughout the United States. Be aware of imitations! Don’t be misled with false claims of 3 million volt stun devices or higher. Even with using the latest technology it’s impossible to reach these voltages.

We would like to thank all of its current customers. If you have questions about becoming a dealer of our products or would like to find a distributor near you please contact us.